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Lara Koljonen L. Ac. BS

Lara Koljonen is a licensed acupuncturist born and raised in San Diego. Her journey in healthcare began with a Bachelor of Science degree from San Diego State University in Kinesiology - fitness, nutrition & health, accompanied by a minor in philosophy. 


Continuing her educational pursuits, Lara earned a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, graduating in 2007. In 2009,  Lara took a significant step in her career by founding "Herbin Acupuncture & Wellness," an integrative nine-room healing center located in Bankers Hill, CA. Her vision for this center was to provide a holistic space for individuals seeking comprehensive wellness solutions.

Parallel to her professional endeavors, Lara established Essentially Pink in 2006, a Breast Health foundation dedicated to educating individuals on breast health and prevention. In recognition of her commitment, she was honored with a $10,000 grant from in 2011, enabling her to conduct a breast health study centered around preventive measures.

Beyond her professional achievements and contributions to the field of holistic health, Lara Koljonen remains an advocate for proactive well-being. Her commitment to prevention is not just a professional pursuit but a personal mission rooted in a desire for everyone to experience vitality and fulfillment.


Lara actively engages with her clients, fostering a collaborative approach to health that goes beyond traditional healthcare practices. She encourages a holistic lifestyle that includes not only acupuncture sessions but also nutritional guidance, fitness recommendations, and mindfulness practices.

In her role as a homeschool mom, Lara incorporates her passion for health education into her family life. She believes in instilling healthy habits in the next generation and is dedicated to providing her children with a well-rounded education that includes a strong emphasis on physical and mental well-being.

Her advocacy for medical freedoms extends beyond her role as a homeschool mom. Lara is involved in community initiatives that aim to protect and promote individuals' rights to make informed decisions about their health. She actively participates in discussions and campaigns that advocate for a holistic and patient-centered approach to healthcare.


Lara's vision for holistic health extends to the broader community, where she envisions a society empowered with the knowledge and tools to take charge of their well-being. Through workshops, seminars, and community outreach programs, she strives to create a ripple effect of positive health practices, cultivating a community that prioritizes prevention and holistic living.

As a pioneer in integrative healthcare, Lara Koljonen's impact reaches far beyond the walls of her private practice. Her holistic approach to health, commitment to education, and advocacy for medical freedoms reflect a deep-rooted passion for empowering individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. 


Through her multifaceted efforts, Lara continues to shape a future where preventive care, well-being, and sustainability are at the forefront of individual and community health.

Lara's commitment to holistic health and preventive care extends beyond her professional endeavors. She actively engages with her community through educational workshops and outreach programs, sharing her knowledge about the benefits of Traditional Oriental Medicine and promoting a proactive approach to well-being.


In addition to her work with Essentially Pink, Lara collaborates with local schools, community centers, and health organizations to raise awareness about breast health and preventive measures. Her 2006 initiative paved the way for ongoing community involvement, creating a lasting impact on the lives of many.


As a respected figure in her field, Lara continues to contribute to the discourse on health and wellness. Her articles in prominent publications such as the San Diego Union Tribune, Lavender Lens magazine, and the Oriental Medicine Journal reflect her dedication to disseminating valuable information and empowering individuals to take control of their health.


Her private practice in Julian, California, serves as a hub for preventive care, housing a high-powered microscope. This crucial tool allows Lara to examine the health of red blood cells, aiding in early detection and prevention efforts. Lara's passion for promoting health extends beyond her professional life; she is also a homeschool mom devoted to protecting medical freedoms.

Lara Koljonen's multifaceted journey is characterized by a blend of professional excellence, community engagement, and a deep commitment to empowering individuals in their pursuit of health, well-being, and sustainability. Her holistic approach encompasses not only physical health but also the broader context of individual freedoms and community well-being.

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